Atoms app - from Atomic Habits - quick tutorial

Hey there, so here's Adam's app from the famous Atomic Habits book. This is the official app based on the book. If you're a fan of the book, definitely give a try to this app. It's a free app. Adams is a definitive habit app inspired by the groundbreaking principle of atomic habits, prone principles, five good minutes, New York Times bestseller, guided habit creation, intuitive interface, smart reminders, progress insights.

So, yeah, you can create an account and they have a really nice 28 days free trial where you can enjoy the full app for 28 days for free. Here I just have a habit. So you just go and tap and create the habit. You can see your habits you already created so you can create the habit. This app is not just any app; it has a specific structure. You need to name a habit, add time location, and specify which type of person you want to be. It has clear aims for this process. When you have the habit, you can tap and hold to mark it as complete. This app features a very nice design and provides insights into your progress, including your repetitions, last five reflections, your streaks, and your habits.

Additionally, you can add an accountability partner by inviting someone to assist you with your habits. You can enable reminders for additional daily prompts. If you're unsatisfied with the app, you have the option to delete your account and personal data.

If you wish to upgrade, you can explore the pro account options. Unfortunately, in the free account, you can only have one habit, but during the free trial, you have access to three habits in the pro account. The pro account has a yearly cost of $120 or a monthly cost of $17, making it a more expensive app. Nonetheless, you can enjoy the free trial which also includes access to a library featuring chapters and additional notes from the book.

To round it up, you have your account settings where you can adjust your profile and settings accordingly.

Overall, the Atoms app presents an organized and insightful approach to cultivating good habits and tracking progress, making it a valuable tool for individuals looking to better themselves with the help of technology.

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