Atoms app - how to create an account & use the app?

In there, the Atoms app, which you can find in the top charts in productivity these days, is a productivity tracker recently released. The app is based on the famous book "Atomic Habits" and is the official app inspired by the teachings in the book.

The app is designed to help users create and maintain healthy habits effectively. Users can create new habits or replace bad ones, incorporating insights from the book on habit formation. The app prompts users to define habit details such as time, location, the type of person they aspire to be, among other factors.

Here is a breakdown of how to create an account and effectively use the Atoms app:

  1. Download the app and access it from the top charts in the productivity category.
  2. Open the app and create a new habit by tapping on the designated option.
  3. Customize the habit by adding details such as habit time, location, and desired outcomes.
  4. Complete habits by tapping and holding on them once the task is done.
  5. Track progress through the dashboard, which includes analytics, milestones, repetition, and habit completion statistics.

To utilize the full features of the app, users have the option to create an account using Apple, Google, Facebook, an email address, or use the app as a guest. The app also provides the functionality to invite an accountability partner such as a family member, friend, or coworker to offer support and encouragement.

Upon signing up, users are offered a free trial for the pro version without the need to provide credit card details. After the trial period, users can opt for the free account version with limited features or choose a paid plan at $120 per year or $17 per month to access additional habit tracking capabilities.

The Atoms app also includes a reminders feature to help users stay on track with their habits. Overall, the app is well-designed and offers a structured approach to habit formation, making it a useful tool for individuals looking to establish and maintain positive behaviors in their daily lives.

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