AttaPoll app - paid surveys - how to use? Overview

let's install this app which is called atapol paid service get paid cash and rewards so this is the app so let's just install touch restart your voice ID and yeah this is one of the apps where you can get paid for answering occasional surveys again I don't guarantee that like you can earn some Revenue I actually suggest you to be quite skeptical about these apps because there are not such thing as a free money and a lot of these apps can be quite manipulative honestly and yeah you never earn nothing but some of the apps can actually help you out to earn few bucks here and there so yeah uh just open up the app and I'm just trying to explore how it works and how to create an account so yeah basically you can create an account with Google email or Apple ID I usually just do it with Apple ID it's like super fast so you can allow notifications to be really notified uh um so yeah there you have it so here is some survey which you can get and then you can just earn something uh just as a test I don't know so now my balance what should be so I earned 0.8 Danish Krone crown because I'm in Denmark and then I can select to donate that I can request a payment revolute or PayPal and yeah so uh 0.8 of 10 inch Corona is like uh What uh 10 cents or something like that I guess um so yeah attend U.S cents I just aren't amazing I can also invite friends so you can share your code invite your friends by sharing your code your unique referral code and then you can see the code here so use this code q y u n g to refer friends and your friends and to sign up with this app and maybe you can earn something as well so this is how the app looks like that's how you create an account you can see history of surveys I don't know why people are using like of course like companies need all this kind of surveys I don't know if they are completely legitimate or it's just some kind of a scam or something but yeah there you have it

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