Autopilot Investment app - is it legit & safe to use?

so here is autopilot Investment app which actually going through the top of the charts right now and is this legit like is it safe to use so the idea of this app is that it just takes top politicians and hedge fund managers and then you can copy their portfolio so you can see which stocks they have in their portfolio and then you can copy into your broker account um so uh yeah the ultra Rich have the best invest for them we think you should do so that's actually pretty cool idea of course like all this like super rich people they have like top finance companies looking after their portfolio um and then yeah so that's uh uh of course you should also be able to have access to that and then they want to expose politicians Shady trades invest in what you believe in so for example you can go here and then you can see like here's Nancy Pelosi portfolio and then I just want to select this and copy this portfolio into my Robin Hood Weeble or Mario trade it's like pretty cool idea or you can go and see some other politicians or political ETF uh yes it was super fun um at the moment there aren't that many people here so there's like very top profiles but it is enough for the app to be in the top charts of the US App Store so I think if they will just add more and more profiles it will be pretty interesting but then like is this app actually legit like all this information like where do they get it I think that's the main question um and they say here that there is like uh that Nancy Pelosi has had an average time of reporting 17 days after head transaction goes through so head trades on average delayed two and a half weeks so there is a lot of public information actually in regards to top politicians or hedge fund managers and also they're exposing a lot of information on their Twitter some public feeds and all of that and if you just do research you can get an estimate like what their portfolio is of course I think this is just like an estimate I maybe it's like as for some people it's actually super precise um so yeah like for example for Warren Buffett you just need to file form 13 F is in 45 days of the after the last day of the calendar quarter um so yeah for some people it's just precise um so yeah um super cool idea so I think this app for sure can be used to give you give you some ideas or use it for research or looking after what top people are buying and trading of course maybe still some assets can be hidden and not everything is like opened up of course but yeah so that can be just some food for thought which is like a cool app definitely give it a try

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