BabyGenerator Guess Baby Face app - what is it? How to use

Here is an app called Baby Generator Guess Baby Face. So you can just download it and double click to install it. And yeah, this is the app, like a meme app where you can just predict how your future baby would look like with AI.

So there are a bunch of apps like that, but the idea is like you just need to choose photos of dad and mom, select gender and age, press the heart button and wait. In addition, our application also has other great features such as creating many photo collages of family and all of that. So that's basically the idea. Select the photo of your mom and dad and then yeah, you can just see that. Let's get started.

And then you can just add like photo. You can just upload photos from mom, dad, and then baby one boy, 10 years old boy, girl 10, boy 18, girl 18, and then student boy, student. And then some of those are just available in a pro subscription. If you want, you can upgrade to pro, no watermarks, add free experience, premium filters, and then it's like one month just for $3.

So yeah, that's the app. I don't know. I think there are a bunch of other apps like Remini, I guess, I'm not sure if you can do that in the Remini app, but this app just has this one feature and it's quite cheap. So try that out.

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