Backtracking in Talkie app - what is it? How to use

Have you ever wished you could undo a message in a chat app? Well, the Talkie app has just introduced a new feature called backtracking that allows you to do just that. In this article, we will discuss what backtracking is and how to use it effectively.

Backtracking in the Talkie app is a fascinating feature that helps you delete part of a conversation. It works by giving you the ability to tap on a message and access the backtrack button. Once you tap on this button, a prompt will appear on your screen, notifying you that all messages following the selected message will be deleted. To confirm this action, you simply need to tap on the confirm button.

With backtracking, it becomes a breeze to remove specific messages without deleting the entire conversation. Only the messages situated after the selected message will be deleted, while the earlier ones will remain intact. This way, you have complete control over your chat history.

To further illustrate how this feature works, let's say you have a lengthy conversation and there is a particular section that you would like to remove. By using the backtrack feature, you can easily accomplish this goal. Simply tap on the message that serves as the starting point for the deletion and proceed with the backtracking process. Once confirmed, all messages that follow will vanish, leaving you with a clean and concise conversation.

It is important to note that if you accidentally tap on the reset button located in the bottom right corner of the app, the entire conversation will be forgotten. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution while using this feature, ensuring that you only backtrack when necessary.

In conclusion, Talkie's backtracking feature is a powerful tool that allows users to delete specific parts of a conversation without erasing the entire chat. By providing this level of control, it enhances user experience and eliminates the stress of accidental messages. Remember to use it wisely and enjoy a clutter-free chat experience.

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