Barclays US Credit Cards app - how to install on iPhone?

here's an app Barclays U.S credit cards so it's specific app or credit card within Barclays Bank it's pretty popular app as you can see and then yeah here you can just manage your Barclays you ask credit card account easily and securely from anywhere just use our mobile app check account balance as view permanent transaction details so lock your card set up alert notifications and more you can launch the app with Visa detach it in a secure passcode and yeah so you can just monitor transaction keep track of points miles keep grip on your finances stay safe and secure so here's an app and then you can just log in with this app so you need to have an account already you can also just activate your new card if you're a new card member then you can just enter all of these details if you want um or you can just set up online account foreign then yeah there is some like privacy policy and all of the other things so yeah that's basically an idea um hope you like it that's the that's the app uh yeah if you're using this a lot uh just leave some comments below why do you use the specific partial app are there any bugs is it reliable reliable app or you know it's uh has quite a few bugs and how hope that's just a quick preview

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