BE CAREFUL - there is no official way to gain access to Sora right now! Beware of scams

Attention to all tech enthusiasts! It has come to our notice that there is currently no official way to gain access to the Sora Open AI model. Beware of potential scams that may claim otherwise. Below is a transcript summarizing the situation:

  • The Sora model is not a released product and is not publicly available yet.
  • There is no official waitlist or expected release date provided by the Open AI team.
  • Be cautious if someone offers to put you on a waitlist for Sora or asks for money in exchange for an invite.
  • Discussions on forums like LinkedIn do not guarantee access to the model as official Open AI staff have stated there is no legitimate way at present.
  • Avoid offers that suggest gaining access to the Sora model through platforms like Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, or Facebook in exchange for payment via methods like PayPal, as they are likely fraudulent.

It is important to note that as of the posting of this video transcript, Open AI has officially closed access to the Sora model. Beta testing has concluded, and there are no current avenues for gaining entry to the system. However, there may be future opportunities to join a waitlist or obtain access to the model in a legitimate manner.

Please proceed with caution and stay updated on official announcements regarding the Sora model from Open AI. Remember to prioritize your online security and avoid falling victim to potential scams offering unauthorized access. Stay vigilant, and keep an eye out for any authentic updates from Open AI regarding the release of the Sora model.

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