BeFeel Live Chat - app overview

here is an app called be feel live chat and talk so let's just install it this app is one of those random video chat apps and yeah you can just try to use it however to be honest some of these apps are quite scammy and not of the best quality some of these apps are just being released like you know for for a month or so they climb in the top charts in the app store and then they just disappear but some of those are decent and you can use some of those so yeah you can just create an account login with Apple or Google then you can just yeah continue and log in with PCR face ID or touch ID so you can do that and then basically you created an account uh you have all these profiles you can just tap on them and then you can just make some calls uh uh tap to quick match then you can be matched with some people then you can receive messages also if if it's an audio chat or if it's a text chat also quite be careful because there are a lot of like AI Bots just in these apps especially if it's just messaging sometimes you can't differentiate if it's a real person or not um so just be careful there here is here is your account you can see your settings if you are not happy you can just tap in the bottom just to instantly delete your account so yeah uh that's basically the idea and then you can just buy some diamonds you can get some diamonds here uh purchase them yeah so that's basically the idea uh how it works um yeah so that's an overview hope it is helpful you can search for enter ID or nickname and then just search for people here in this app so uh yeah that's just an overview what you can do it

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