BEREAL ALL HIDDEN FEATURES you didn't know about

so some hidden features of bureau probably you didn't know so first uh you can see how many uh screenshots of your bureau post we're taking uh so you can just go to your burial username and then here under the post and then you can be able to see uh like a screenshot icon so that's what you can see and then so just near hello caption where it says 21 hour late you will see like a number inside of the circle inside of the square and then you will be able to see how many people see the screenshot this app identifies that then uh another scene is like here you have all these real emojis so these are actions to this post you can also add the real much just by tapping smile so there's just this lightning bolt reaction it's like a instant real moji which you can capture like just tap and hold it and slide here to react so something like that and then you just added your real moji so and then the difference between here i don't know you're just also adding emoji to your post and it's a bit longer uh you can also comment but comment are also available um only in uh yeah on on the in your friend's tab comments are not available in inside of some other posts so here um yeah of course i can only see posts from other people from my friends and from discovery feed only after i have posted my burial i can just browse around i can see some other posts here then i can add friends in the top left here is my friends and then i can see my friend requests here i don't know why this step is a bit hidden in the in the very right section but there you have it and then i can see my send friend request i can withdraw them like this so yeah a lot of people are asking like how to see these friend requests you can see them here so these are the people who added you as a friend on be real and like a lot of people can't figure out where do i add my friends so if you have new friends you will see in the top left you will see like a red red circle where you will see uh that it's active and that friends added you there so uh you can see it there and then there is okay uh one more popular request is how to delete your bureau so i just posted my the real post and if i tap on 21 hour late uh here i have options in the bottom right then i can just tab delete my burial that's what i can do i can only do it once per day to one latest post i can't delete prior spots because they're obviously not saved in discovery um so i can't do that and yeah so that's basically it i can add it also caption uh then here i see comments number of comments number of real emojis and retake so what is retake it and it's a sound of 10 friends so basically under each post like you will be able to see number of retakes for each post retex means that person started to create a burial and then didn't like it delete it and try it again and that's that's a one retake if you do it multiple times that will be multiple retakes so that's basically that and then you can just delete your burial um also if you posted your bureau with the uh with like discovery feed privacy here you will be able to change it just to your friends so that's how you can change privacy of your burial if you posted it like as your friend's field so only friends can see it it's not possible to to go back to discovery it's also not possible to just post a completely private bureau which is like just completely private only is seen by you also if you are posting a new bureau um the default location is turned off you can enable or disable that so here is your profile and here you have memories memories is just your personal archive of course you can delete images from your memories uh but uh yeah uh deleting from memories doesn't delete the real pause from from discovery feed it will just stay uh yeah in this in discovery feed and i just showed you how to delete your burials that's how you do it here if you're deleting your memories just deleting from your personal archive other questions people asking is like can you upload photos videos screenshots to be real no it's only it's only a real time photo and then if you tap on three dots in top right and then there is other here you can enable this feature which is called fast camera reduces quality what's that so basically this feature helps you to post a picture faster and without that many bugs because like one bureau sends notifications a lot of users on app store report that like there are so many bugs you can't upload photos everything is glitchy it's becoming better but still to prevent yourself from that just enable faster camera and you will be able to take photo faster here it is also recommended to clear be real cash from time to time because it will also prevent you from from glitches and bugs and then there is this other section you know a help section and a lot of like features hidden here so just contact us you can always reach out for support here contact adbury.owl and then there is feedback group in whatsapp you can try to join that for some support but honestly i try to join that and it's just what's up group is some random users it's just like a lot of spammy stuff so don't know how helpful is that then interesting stuff here is become a better tester if you want to have access to some features before other users you can use it on test flight meaning you will help to test developer some bugs but you also will receive some latest updates and features so if you really like burial app try that here also you can change your phone number it's pretty long process you need to submit your time form typeform account create a new account yeah just follow the stamps and then here you can delete your bureau account it's cool that this option is right in the app you can do it yourself you can just put some uh a reason why and then just delete your account if you log in within 15 days your account will be restored but if you don't log in your data and all your your account and all your data will be scheduled to permanently do it in 15 days so that is kind of not recoverable um so that's basically it there is like helpful faq section where you can discover some features you can change times on just important to receive a video notification during your time zone and also remember to change your profile picture if you want because yeah you can change uh your profile picture even from today's video that's cool feature so to do that you need to upload bureau first and then you will have option to change your profile picture to today's burial then either from photo library camera or you can delete it and having profile picture makes your profile much more identifiable so here you can also add your bio your location you can change easily your username many times it's not possible to add your birthday or add your snapchat or instagram or website or blog so no it's not possible then there are notification settings here you can see all these notifications that's the core of the app if you disable that you want to be able to post on time other than that i don't know like that's that's the app there is nothing like it's pretty kind of simple to to use very minimalistic but quite powerful and i like the concept of this authentic instagram where you don't have all these polished photoshop photos but you just have the real life here displayed so that's basically it that's the idea uh um i don't know what else to add hopefully some of the features some of the tips you liked if you like uh some tips just leave it in the comment below and like which tip did you enjoy and what the stuff you didn't know i'll try to uh yeah to learn more tips and to share it with you in the process

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