BEREAL ALL HIDDEN FEATURES you didn't know about

Are you a BeReal user looking to make the most of the app? In this article, we'll share some of the hidden features of BeReal that you probably didn't know about. These features will help you improve your user experience, give you access to some exclusive options, and help you avoid glitches and bugs.

Screenshot icon

Did you know that you can see how many screenshots have been taken of your BeReal posts? To find out, go to your BeReal username and click on the post. You'll see a screenshot icon that will show you how many people have taken a screenshot of your post. This feature can be helpful in measuring engagement and reach.

Hidden users in privacy tab

Hidden users in BeReal means users you removed from friends recommendations. So, you didn't block them, but just removed them from your recommendations in friends section.

Real emojis

Did you know that you can add real emojis to your BeReal posts? These are actions to your post that can help you express your feelings or reactions to the content. To add them, simply tap the smile button and select the emoji you want to add. You can also add a lightning bolt reaction that is an instant real emoji. To capture it, tap and hold it and slide it to react.


Comments are available only in your friend's tab. You can't comment on other posts. To view your friend requests, go to the top left corner and click on "Friends." If you have new friends, you will see a red circle indicating that friends have added you.

Delete your BeReal post

If you want to delete your BeReal post, go to the post and click on "21 hours late." You will see options in the bottom right corner, and you can click on "Delete My Burial." You can only delete one post per day. You can't delete prior spots because they are not saved in the discovery feed.


Under each post, you will see the number of retakes for each post. Retakes mean that a person started to create a BeReal post, then deleted it and tried it again. That's one retake. If you do it multiple times, it will be multiple retakes.


If you posted your BeReal post in the discovery feed, you can change the privacy to your friends. That's how you can change the privacy of your burial. You can't go back to discovery, and it's not possible to post a completely private BeReal post.


In your profile, you have a "Memories" section that is your personal archive. You can delete images from your memories, but deleting from memories doesn't delete the BeReal post from the discovery feed.

Uploading media

You can only upload real-time photos to BeReal. You can enable the feature called "fast camera reduces quality." This feature helps you post pictures faster and without many bugs.

Help section

In the help section, you can contact support at beary.owl. There is also a feedback group on WhatsApp, but it can be spammy.

Become a better tester

If you want access to some features before other users, you can use BeReal on TestFlight. This way, you will help to test developer some bugs and receive the latest updates and features.

Change phone number

You can change your phone number in the settings.

To sum it up

In conclusion, these are some of the hidden features of BeReal that you may not have known about. Use these features to improve your user experience, measure engagement, and avoid glitches and bugs.

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