Bereal app bug - won’t let me post pictures

so i'm going through the reviews of b real app this is amazing fun app which is insanely growing in charts recently but it still has like some bugs and it's quite glitchy um so some people write it's also incredibly glitchy which kind of puts a damper on the whole point of the app one for example when i get the notification to post i go to the app and glitches out and what lets me post you'll either see the screen uh or the app will take forever to add so so the point of that obviously is that you just have two minutes and you need to post on time uh when the app constantly glitches is kind of hard then also another another thing um people write that the app needs speaker uploads because if you have some large photo or something you try and upload and you close the app the photo won't upload properly so you need to keep the app open until the the photo upload so even if you start uploading and switch to the other app the photo won't upload so some people reporting that so that's a bit buggy so good needs more than one pick a day uh so some of my main agreements is the app is the inability to save the photos taken not in the apps format sometimes i get a really good photo from one of my cameras and one just to save that one [Music] so so there you have it so uh some people um yeah there are some maybe some i don't know privacy issues as well uh and a lot of very good reviews so yeah it's amazing idea amazing app but there are like few bucks here and there so basically of course just make sure you're you're updating the um the app um so um make sure to update the app constantly if it doesn't work then just try to reach out to the app support i'm just trying to do it here for for the just go to your profile and then try to you know go to help here and contact support ask a question or something like that so that's uh uh what you can do here but other than that if you also experience some bugs please share them in the comments below so you can help millions of bureau users and thank you for watching

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