BeReal BTS - how to turn it off?

For some users, BTS (Behind the Scenes) can be quite bothersome. When trying to capture a b-roll, it automatically turns on and records video without their consent. This feature is frustrating for users who prefer taking photos over videos. Unfortunately, there is no option to disable it in the settings. However, there is a simple way to turn it off.

To disable BTS, you will need to toggle it off manually. Once you do this, BTS will be disabled, and you can capture your b-roll without any interruptions. This quick solution allows you to focus solely on taking the shots you want, without any unwanted video recordings.

Furthermore, it is possible to disable BTS even after you've already taken a b-roll with it. If you decide to turn it off before posting the content, simply disable BTS, and it will no longer appear in the final product. This gives users more control over their creative process and ensures that only the intended photos or videos are shared.

Even after you have posted your content, there is still an option to remove BTS. If you later decide that you no longer want BTS in your photo or video, you can remove it and disable the feature completely. This flexibility allows for retroactive adjustments, ensuring that your content meets your desired specifications.

It's important to note that while you can disable and remove BTS from your content, currently, there is no way to set it to be off by default in the settings. This means that each time you want to avoid using BTS, you will need to manually disable it.

For users who find BTS to be an unwanted distraction, this workaround provides a handy solution. By toggling off BTS, you can take control of your creative process and capture exactly what you envision. While it may be preferable to have the option to set BTS to be off by default, this current method allows users to bypass the feature when desired.

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