BeReal keeps loading after posting…

Burial, a popular social media platform for sharing images, has been experiencing loading issues after posting. Users are reporting that when they try to post an image, it just keeps loading without uploading the picture. This problem has caused frustration and inconvenience for many Burial users who have shared their concerns on social media.

One Burial user, who goes by the username 'BeReal', posted a video of the loading issue on their account. In the video transcript, BeReal narrates that they just posted their Burial, but it keeps loading and can't add any additional images. The user explains that after waiting for some time, the image finally gets uploaded, taking approximately 30-40 seconds. BeReal advises users not to restart the app or do anything because in some cases, it could take up to a minute for the upload to complete. However, during that waiting period, users are unable to post any bonus Burials.

BeReal's video raises concerns about the Burial app's loading time, and many other users have reported similar issues on social media. It is unclear why the problem persists, but one possible explanation is that Burial's servers cannot handle the increasing traffic. As more and more people use the app, the demand on the servers increases, which could lead to performance issues.

Another possible explanation may be the geographical location of the user. BeReal's account is from the UK, but they are not using it from the UK. This situation raises questions as to whether geographical factors could be affecting Burial's servers.

Burial has always had a history of being buggy, but the platform has improved in recent years. Despite this, loading issues persist. Users have reported failed uploads, which require reposting, and missed opportunities to post bonus Burials on time.

In conclusion, Burial has been experiencing loading issues after posting, and many users have reported the same problem. It is unclear what is causing the issue, but it possibly could be due to increased traffic on the servers or geographical location.  Burial's team may need to address these issues, or else its users may start to look elsewhere for their social media needs.

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