BeReal - share My Friends + Their Friends - what is it?

Recently, BeReal, the popular social app, has rolled out some exciting new updates. One of the key changes introduced in the latest update is the ability to "share My Friends + Their Friends." In this article, we will delve into what this new feature is all about.

In the video transcript, the speaker discusses the changes in BeReal. Instead of the traditional discovery feed, BeReal now offers a feature called "my friends plus their friends." This update aims to make the app more social and engaging for its users. Gone are the days of stumbling upon random photos from unknown individuals; now, users can enjoy a feed curated with their friends and their friends' content.

This shift in focus highlights BeReal's commitment to fostering connections within users' social circles. By prioritizing content from friends' friends, the app offers a more personal and meaningful experience. Users can now discover and engage with posts from people they are more likely to know or have mutual connections with.

However, it's essential to note that BeReal understands the need for privacy and control. The new feature comes with a setting that allows users to decide whether they want to share their friends' posts with their friends or keep it limited to their own circle. This customization allows users to strike a balance between expanding their network and preserving their privacy.

For those who have recently updated the BeReal app and noticed these changes, it's important not to panic. The introduction of "my friends plus their friends" is simply an effort by BeReal to enhance the social aspects of the app. It aims to provide users with a more personalized experience tailored to their social connections.

As BeReal continues to evolve, it is evident that the app is devoted to creating an environment that emphasizes meaningful relationships and facilitates authentic connections. By offering the option to share content from both friends and friends of friends, BeReal aims to foster a community that feels more connected and relevant to its users' lives.

In conclusion, the new "share My Friends + Their Friends" feature in BeReal represents a positive step towards a more social and engaging experience on the app. By prioritizing content from users' immediate social circles, BeReal aims to provide a more meaningful and personalized environment. Whether you choose to embrace this change and expand your network or keep it closer to your inner circle, BeReal offers the flexibility and control you need.

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