BeReal - UPLOAD FAILED CLICK TO RETRY - how to solve the error?

uh so here is birio it says upload file click to retry it happens first time to me I didn't know this bug before so like I just described how it happened so I was I just took a video started to upload it and then uh yeah like uh I just switched to another app so I was just going through some uh other website going to Safari app and then I just did it in the process when period was uploading and then basically yeah uh uh yeah so then this error is happening so now I will try to re-upload it again to see if it solves this bug let's see and now okay it's solved so if you just tap to re-upload it works so yeah again like uh for me this bug happened when I I was just applauding the burial I switched to another app and then it's filing so probably you need to stay in the burial app while you're upload and you'll be real

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