BeReal - upload failed - tap to retry

If you are an aspiring social media influencer or just someone who loves to post creative videos online, then you might have encountered some upload errors on various platforms. One of the most popular video-sharing sites, BeReal, is no exception to this.

The platform has a great feature called the B-Rail, which allows users to upload short videos up to 1 minute long. However, there are times when errors occur during the process and one of the most common messages that users get is "upload failed - tap to retry".

In a recent video transcript, a user shared his experience with the same error message. He was trying to upload his B-Rail during identification but got the error message instead. He took a screenshot and then tapped to retry. It eventually uploaded after 30 seconds or more. He also mentioned that missing the deadline might cause users to lose the chance to post bonus B-Rails.

He further explained that BeReal is less buggy now, but it still encounters some issues from time to time. Even with a good Wi-Fi and newer phone, there are still instances of bugs. One factor that may also contribute to these errors is if the B-Rail app is registered as a UK account, and the user is outside the country.

To help users deal with these errors, BeReal suggests checking the internet connection first. A stable internet connection is necessary when uploading videos. They also recommend clearing the cache and cookies on the device, or updating the app if necessary.

If these solutions do not work, users can contact BeReal's support team for further assistance. The platform assures its users that they continuously work on improving their service and fixing any bugs that may arise.

In conclusion, the "upload failed - tap to retry" error message is a common issue when uploading B-Rails on BeReal. Users should first check their internet connection and follow basic troubleshooting steps. If the error persists, they can contact BeReal's support team for help. Remember, uploading videos requires patience, good internet connection, and understanding that occasional errors may happen.

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