BFF: Find my friends & phone - how to create an account? App overview

here is interesting app called BFF found my find my friends and phone so I can just type get and install this app so let's just do that and then I guess so right now there are many apps in this category where you have like a map tracking of your friends why because everyone is looking to replace zenly app there is another app called woo and I'm just doing reviews of those apps so here you can have like live social map check your friends real-time locations private messaging connect with friends and plan something together siphon secure design for his privacy and by it only friendly stay connected see what your friends and family are up to so yeah let's just open it up and then uh yeah let's go then you can just create your account enter your email for example to receive verification code and then you can just uh open up so for example and then uh then you can just select always allow [Music] and there you have it so now you can also invite your contacts you can change your theme and there you have it so now you just created an account so that's how it looks like so this is where you are located where you're traveling and then you just have your username this this app is still in the early process it's just being developed um you have your account um you can delete account easily from here you can change map style you can have ghost mode coming soon Footprints coming soon and then you can just message enter and find more friends and you can just chat with them so yeah that's basically the idea and then you can just search for friends here uh so yeah something around that so that's how you create an account and start using the app

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