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Hello everyone, so in this episode lads as usual talk about some interesting. This is tech news. So Yep, like some of that like trending. Search is trending, news is that. Binance founder just bought like a 200,000,000 stake in the Forbes. And a lot of people just like we don't really understand like we don't get it like what's the point of all of it? Why? Why would you do that so? So he just sees that finance the founder of Binance Rd, that invest in both new and old and bridge them with crypto by Nancy staking at 200,000,000.Staking Forbes. Binance light led by the Wall Street descriptor billionaire is taking in 200,000,000 stake in Forbes.The funds will help Forbes execute on his plan to March with the publicly traded.Special purpose company back in the first quarter, according to people with knowledge of the deal, Binance will replace. Half. Of those 400 million commitments from institutional investors. And it will make it one of the top two biggest owners of Forbes. So like, why would you do that? The move shows an increasingly real world influence of the crypto sector, which has been surging valuations and. Means that a new class of you know crypto billionaires, obviously. And Forbes was founded more than a century ago by the Grand Father of editor in chief and two time presidential candidate Steve Forbes.Like Forbes is also known for its annual rankings of the world's richest business tycoons.It's a category that violence founder and CEO Champion joined recently. So he. Like see that he was back a 96 billion by Bloomberg News. So there you have it. The investment by partners founded five years ago is an indication that job believes content generation will be gross error for Web 3 development helps free refers to a more decentralized version of the Internet that uses the blockchain. This is the first step into our marketplace that has really high potential when it comes to adoption of web.Three PY stools. Set a person whose knowledge of benign strategy our industry has been a ton of growth and we.Sync it, have to be a fool to not position yourself in South sector. Ripe for infrastructure investment. So that's interesting, like maybe it's just like you know, personal ego, like when people just wants to. Come to, you know, have like to appear more in the least, but I'm I'm not sure like if Forbes is. Like you're not accepting some of the changes to editorial policy. Other other considerations might be more realistic. Is that? Yeah, in this in decentralized world like content marketing like some, this strategy can can really take off. And actually can be pretty important. Like for example, Forbes reaches 150 million people through its content and events. So like you know. In Webster, decentralized world like content can really play an important role and this move by Binance.Yeah, I can't really kind of show that content. Can really, you know, lead the way to like? Even like you know, just putting like a button to sign up to Binance that that's like old school strategy as used by startups in 2010 to drive signups that that can work out, but. Yeah, just you know, having influence a month like big publications and like personal bloggers.Can sound old school, but can be also like super important and you can see an example of.I like corn giga. Grand Market cap like Coinbase crack and all of these companies have massive content presence.They have like massive dictionaries like content parts like. Friends, you know, like ebooks, downloadable courses, academies, and as we can see like content is playing as a norm and enormous role in all this like blockchain web 3 vibe.So yeah, that's that's basically it. So that's I think I don't know what do you think. Not for sure, it is interesting. At. Among other developments I just received in mail from this spring, I'm trying to use this spring and develop my store on my YouTube channel. So this spring are now. It's called spring. This basically a company which helps you to sell merchandise and helps.To sell March for influencers. Basically now they told that now you can sell also. So you can sign up for the waiting list. And yeah, that's actually pretty cool. So just. Yeah, you can start on the waiting list. I don't know like what are the requirements to to join that program or anything like that like.There is just a waiting list and probably it just depends on the number of subscribers your channel has and also and if these are on polygons.So it seems that the scripts. Yeah, we'll be. Yeah, so sorry so there won't be much fees. And all of that. So yeah, that's kind of interesting. Uhm? Yeah, so in the other news like today, I just want to some networking event with Antler. So I joined antler cohort people who don't know antler is like a startup accelerator in Europe in Nordics is basically.Has you know, like different people with entrepreneur mindset, just basically starting developers or marketeers or business people? We just want to hang out and discuss different ideas and then if you find a good match, you can build a team with your Co founders and then just try to build a company together and that can be like intent or intense period and then actually you can get like a small investment. So it's kind of like AY Combinator for Europe. I wouldn't call it OK. It's not probably it doesn't have that big or brand like Y Combinator, but it's getting there. It's. Interesting program and they have grown a lot in the in the last period. So it's an amazing opportunity for a lot of founders. I really recommend you to apply. There are a lot of business people, especially if you have some technical expertise. It can be really fun if you join that. So definitely definitely try it out anyways. Right, so it's just yeah just like quick overview of some activities. Hope you enjoy this quick. Creek startup Slash Tech NEWS UPDATE. And let's catch up in the future episodes.

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