BING ChatGPT - how to sign up for a waitlist?

white list and sign up for for a new being which includes this chat GPT version so yeah you can just easily go and just tap join the white list here and that's basically then you just need to sign in with like your Microsoft account so just if you have Microsoft account just enter your email password and just join the white list and you will be done in the in the list to get full access to this new uh software basically if you just go right now to you still don't have access fully to these charge GPT features you just have these examples and the examples can look like this so you just uh search something and then you can just tap see more and then there are like chat results on the right sidebar here in the chats you can see also references to all the websites and then you can also tap learn more click into view they have this like you know uh it's not instantly filled to be stacked because it just takes as I understand it takes some time for the for for algorithm and for for this uh like technology to compute it so yeah that's basically what it is and then yeah you can just type click to view and there are additional sources and then you can also just tap let's chat and all of that so yeah this is kind of a new feature so sign up for the waitlist

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