Bing iOS app with ChatGPT - full overview

so new being is now available also on IOS and Android being an edge app so you can just go and download Bing apps and yeah try it out so I'm just setting up new being I'm off of the wait list use the power of AI to find answers from the web create written content and more then you can just select your conversation style more creative more balanced more precise uh and yeah so I just select that um and that's basically the idea and then you can just uh try it out and then ask ask me anything so yeah that's basically the the idea of it uh uh and that's basically how it's integrated into the app one of six and then you can just just get the idea and then you can just tap click to view and then you can go and visit specific websites from from here yeah so that's basically the idea so you just have this being feature right here in the bottom this chat but of course you can just type here um like for example I'm searching for something uh and but how do I then uh figure out these things with the new B um okay so then there is just like a chat button and then I can just again uh right here but seems It's just duplicated query uh but yeah anyhow that's that's how it works it's pretty fun if you like it it's just pretty cool to use it and then people I think people who actually just will get accustomed to it and yeah just use it more often than search results because it's just you know text and it's not that many links and all of that and it's cleaner results however for Publishers who spend so much time and resources for creating all of that content it's a bit disappointed disappointing as you can see now instead of going to their website you just have these links here so then uh yeah that's that's what it is but yeah that's just a quick overview and hope it's helpful

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