Bionic Reading app - Reeder 5 - how to use & preview

so one of the most popular bionic reading apps is called reader 5 so this is the app which is using this bionic reading api bionic reading is a very interesting new technology where you uh basically is a new method facilitating the reading process by guiding the eyes through attacks with artificial fixation points as a result the reader is only focusing on the highlighted initial letters unless the brain center complete the word so as you can see by reading this text i'm uh yeah it's it's kind of gross a bit faster for me especially if you want to read a big book e-book or some blog it's kind of you can discard that in some cases it's actually faster and it works so this is the technology and like the most popular app for that is reader 5 unfortunately it is a paid app so you need to buy to install it um so here is this reader five uh keep control with like his rss feeds and then you have this feature bionic reading here higher dimension of reading with bionic reading you read taxes more focused awareness and sustainability so that's a cool feature and it's available in the app as you can see here so that's yeah so that's the app but you can get it for 4.99 one-time permit and that's basically

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