Bitget wallet for TON - how to use

Bitget recently launched a new wallet designed for TON (Telegram Open Network), offering users a secure and user-friendly crypto wallet solution. Here's a transcript of a video tutorial guiding viewers on how to use the Bitget wallet for TON:

  • Initially, the narrator introduces the Bitget wallet for TON, emphasizing its best and secure features.
  • The wallet has garnered trust from over 20 million users worldwide and was formerly known as Batkeep.
  • It is recognized as one of the world's largest non-custodial multi-chain crypto wallets, having been established in 2018 with a user base of over 19 million across 168 countries.
  • The wallet supports more than 250,000 cryptocurrencies and 20,000 tokens from over 90 networks globally.

Upon opening the Bitget wallet for TON, users are prompted to follow these steps:

  1. Allow notifications.
  2. Import an existing wallet or create a new one.
  3. Choose between creating a new mnemonics-based wallet or a keyless wallet for simplicity in login using methods like Apple, Google, or email.

For new users, it is recommended to opt for the mnemonics-based wallet for enhanced security. However, this method may pose challenges when importing the wallet to other platforms like TON Keeper.

To set up the wallet, users are required to:

  • Create a payment password.
  • Set up a pin code.
  • Enable Face ID or Touch ID for added security measures.

Once the setup is complete, users can start using the wallet for TON transactions.

To receive TON coins, users should:

  • Create a new mnemonic wallet.
  • Search for the TON coin within the wallet.
  • Confirm the passphrase to secure the newly created TON wallet.

Despite some issues when attempting to connect the wallet to TON within Telegram, users can select the Bitget wallet from the options available. However, the functionality might not yet be fully operational, with room for improvement in future updates.

In essence, the Bitget wallet for TON offers a comprehensive solution for managing TON and other cryptocurrencies securely, catering to both new and experienced users alike.

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