Bluesky DMs overview

The Bluesky DMs feature is a new addition to the Blue Sky app that enables users to have private conversations with other users. Here is an overview of how this feature works:

  • Direct messages can be accessed through the app, allowing users to engage in private chats.
  • Users have the option to control who can send them messages by selecting from the following options: everyone, users I follow, or no one.
  • To get started with direct messaging, simply type a message and hit send.
  • Users can navigate to their profile to manage conversations, including muting or leaving them.

This new feature is easily accessible within the Blue Sky app, located in the bottom tab for convenient use. Additionally, the app offers filters in the top-right corner to help users manage their messages effectively.

To access the Bluesky DMs feature, users are advised to update their app to ensure the feature is available. This update will allow users to make the most of the new direct messaging functionality within the Blue Sky app.

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