BlueSky is SLOW & BUGGY….

BlueSky app, despite being an innovative platform with potential, has been facing challenges in terms of speed and functionality. Currently in the beta phase, it is important to take into consideration that the app is still undergoing development, and thus, encountering a number of bugs and slowdowns. This should come as no surprise, as beta versions are generally known to have limitations.

Among the issues reported with BlueSky, users have noticed slower performance and delays in loading. According to the developers, this sluggishness is a default occurrence due to the app being in beta. In addition, there have been cases where individuals have managed to sign up without possessing the correct invitation code. These factors contribute to the overall experience being less than optimal.

As the app struggles to handle the record-high influx of traffic, the systems have seen a significant degradation in performance. Users might encounter moments of slowness and frustration as a result. The BlueSky team, however, is actively working to address these issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.

For those seeking real-time updates on the status of the app, BlueSky offers a platform called "Status BlueSky app." This feature allows users to view the operational status of various system components. Although the current performance may be somewhat degraded, it is important to note that this is a temporary situation attributed to the sharp increase in new Twitter users. It is expected that these challenges will be resolved in due course.

It is important to emphasize that BlueSky is not yet available to everyone. At this stage, it remains in the public beta phase, meaning interested users still require an invite code to access the app. Even with the invitation codes, the application has experienced a surge in new user sign-ups, leading to a decline in overall performance.

In conclusion, while BlueSky holds promise for the future, it is currently grappling with speed and functionality issues. As the app is still in beta, users should be patient and understanding, acknowledging the inevitable bugs and slower operation. The BlueSky team is actively working to rectify these challenges and provide users with an optimal experience.

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