BlueSky Social app from Jack Dorsey - quick overview

here run so here is this new app Blue Sky social see what's next what this app is about so you can just see it here um in the in the App Store and it started to pop up in the top charts in social networking so you can just see it here like that um um yeah so that's the app here and the thing is it's just being developed by Jack Darcy so from former like co-founder of Twitter now of course Twitter was bought by Elon Musk and now this app is being built as one of the alternatives to Twitter you can install it but it's private beta you can create a new account but then you need and then white code to create an account so it's invite only at the moment so you can just open it up and then yeah create new account and then you need invite code you can choose your username and yeah that's basically the idea uh like why would people switch to these apps there are so many alternatives to Twitter already like Mastodon some other apps because Blue Sky wants to be really that decentralized Network where it will have as I understand decentralized backend and will just be by some protocol there are similar apps in this category like for example damos app where damos is based on nostril protocol it means that's like this back end is completely decentralized which is like a collection of nodes I don't know the whole technical aspects but then the damos app is just basically a front end so what does it mean it means that you can collect all your followers on one app and then you can just move to another app and you can get all your followers all your content with you so every app is just like a front-end part of it but all your followers your content is decentralized it cannot be banned it cannot be moderated or maybe it can but it has much less risk but compared to Twitter or Facebook that's I think that the biggest approach here but let's see how it develops so just download the app and then you can just create an income

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