so what is Blue Sky app there are many articles right now in the media and this episode already in the in the top charts actually in the social networking category in U.S App Store uh it's not available in Google Play on Android unfortunately so only iOS and a lot of people just like wonder what what is that so this is this is an app by um by Jack Darcy who is a Twitter co-founder and he aims to create a new decentralized Twitter alternative which should be a protocol not a company so this is like an attempt to do it and but the app is already in the App Store but unfortunately it's still in private beta meaning that uh yeah only like handful of people within White cards can access it problems I just released like to few people and gave access to some journalists some media and all of that um yeah so let's just go through idea so you can understand better what that is um so yeah this app just hit the App Store um so that the team behind the project the Blue Sky team originally was part of Twitter and Twitter founded it um and then now they're like a separate companies are not in Twitter anymore and there what I understand I have been building this protocol which is a kind of a backhand for for this app so it's quite different to what Twitter is so Twitter is like a normal centralized company similar to Facebook Instagram but Blue Sky seems to develop its own protocol which will be decentralized and it's kind of like a decentralized database for all your contents all your followers all your posts and all of that so this kind of is the idea of the future of social media similar as you have is like with damos app which which is also you can find it in the App Store uh and these apps are now just like interface uh for like decentralized protocols so with this app you can just go create your account see some post anything but then you just get access to in this case Master protocol where you have different servers and the point of all of it is that it's super hard will be to ban content to you know to remove your from social media to ban you and the ultimate idea is that in future if you have some followers on like on Blue Sky app for example you can just tag your followers with you and go to another app because and it's like all of that is decentralized and you can't be easily banned nobody can like if you have like 2 million followers nobody can just easily remove you from from from that media um so yeah now the the point is that all these companies are trying to build their own protocols and blue sky has built a T protocol authenticated transfer protocol is Blue Sky main effort while the Blue Sky Mobile app serves to to showcase the protocol in action and Mastodon and other decentralized Twitter alternative has built activity Pub protocol um yeah there is some criticism of the project because activity Pub is a recommended p3c standard protocols these days which already Powers a large and growing fatty bars of interconnected servers and yeah a lot of apps trying to switch to that protocol but blue sky is building their own so there is some kind of a battle going on there yeah [Music] so yeah and you can read a lot in media that Jack Dorsey wanted a new Twitter to be a protocol not a company um and then yeah here you can just go to the app you can actually download it it's already in the US app store it's already in the top charts however if you just download it there's nothing there uh a lot of people want to I mean you just need to have this in white code I have no idea where to get it seems is quite limited not a lot of people can get it and all of that [Music] um so yeah but seems the app is already in the in the App Store maybe they just try to get more hype and all of that but as you can see I'm just opening the app I can create new account I need invite code so I can do anything more than that I can select some server provider maybe there is some version where you can drive on local dial server or something like that then you just enter email address your password and then you can reserve your username so a lot of people are now looking for this in white codes specifically for that that you can reserve your like first name handle or some really rare username and in case this app blows up text takes off in future you will have some really amazing username so but yeah it's still quite hard to get there and we don't know if this app will will blow up or or not uh so at the moment it's just released in the App Store and maybe some like few thousand beta testers are going through it and inside of the app this is just like uh this is how it looks like it's very like very minimalistic version of Twitter it's you just have you know content and tweet comments or tweet likes so um yeah that's what it is it's very similar to I guess damus app uh which also you can try out I think that will be quite a similar experience um where you can also just see like worry Twitter like experience and a lot of people just gonna ask like what's the point to follow it yeah so exactly the the point is that you have different backends so these apps are just like an interface for protocol and the whole new like technical technology shift is that it's all the content it's not stored in some centralized database which is controlled by Twitter and anyone in Twitter can easily remove you or bind you easily but your content in this new blue sky app downloads apps is just stored in decentralized protocol uh which can be like you know like fatty bars can be contained in like dozens hundreds of servers I'm like new bit weird as well I'm just learning with you guys and like if you're banned on one server in this backend you can move to another and then you can move to another and then it will be really hard to actually ban you uh easily or remove your content or anything and you can move your followers from one server to another and that's just like a multi kind of like Multiverse of all these servers whereas the stuff is like really decentralized um so yeah that's basically the idea on the front end on on the interface it looks the same as Twitter maybe even worse like it's much less functional and the beginning um so yeah uh um so that's basically the idea there is already some battle going on between Mastodon and blue sky and all of that you can also go through their Blue Sky website you can read in more detail what is at protocol why is that it protocol is a new Federated social network it integrates ideas from the latest decentralized Technologies into simple fast and open network what's for the writed network it's a white for servers to communicate with each other like email instead of one side running the network you can have many sites it means you get a choice of provider and individuals and businesses can self-host if they want you can have account portability a person's online identity should not be owned by corporations with it protocol you can move your account from one provider to another without and losing any of your data social graph algorithmic choice 80 protocol includes an open algorithm interoperation the world needs a diverse Market of connected services to ensure healthy competition performance uh so yeah up now there is 80 so you can go also to this website and then you can join the wait list so seems like very simple website built with style wind or something like that and then if I want to join the white list still I'm being just redirected to the app and I need to enter the invite code so yeah that's what it is at the moment um that's the idea of all of it of course it's much deeper it's just like a preview for you uh by the way they are hiring as well um and yeah so that's that's the idea here you can join but if I try to join and sign up for the white list here I'm being redirected um to the to the app so nothing's happening so I can't get on the right list here and get the invitation code fortunately so yeah that's what it is so you have a better understanding maybe a bit more of Blue Sky social why it's hitting the top charts maybe they will open it up a bit more um but yeah damus app which is one of the Alternatives in this space was also trended in charts but that is just actually disappeared people a lot of people don't yet understand me included like the full benefits of you know you have the same app as Twitter it looks even much worse than Twitter it has much less functionality and yeah it's just the one difference is that it has all these different back end and decentralized protocol so unless you know you are live in like very centered Society or something like that um then it doesn't immediately bring a lot of benefits but of course if you're you know have some situations like some politicians feeds or something like that and you need to be 100 sure that you can be censored or anything like that then it can make a lot of sense instantly and then it really can provide like absolute freedom of speech and all of that so this is like the first steps in this direction maybe it will it will be a much bigger Evolution in in this point so let's just follow it uh yeah let's hope they will open it up to more people soon and thanks for watching

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