Bluesky Social app - how to create an account?

and there are how to create an account in Blue Sky social app so this is a new app from Jack Dorsey who is a co-founder of Twitter and yeah this is one of the Twitter Alternatives it's in white only unfortunately and the idea is that it will become a decentralized Twitter where like this app is only a front-end part where you can easily create an account it's like an interface but all your content everything is just starting some kind of protocol um so I think that's one of the directions of future directions of social media where it can go so yeah that's basically the idea of it um so just to create an account you open it up you can see the reservice provider you can choose a service there is local dial servers or stations there's Blue Sky social then you can just also add other service so it's similar to what you have in demos app and other decentralized network where you it's by it's a Noster protocol and then where you can add all these different relays I think as it called and then you can just select one of those servers uh yeah to be added so it's not like everything is on or you know on you just have a numerous decentralized servers where it can be placed then unfortunately you need an invite code I don't know where to get blue sky and white code email address choose your password and then your full username and then you can just reserve the username I don't know if you can actually come on the white list here or how to do that um actually you can always go to the App Store maybe there is something in the reviews and then you can uh just go to their website sign in unfortunately there is not even like a support option so probably they're just testing it out in the App Store um so here you can see using the it protocol the issues with centralized social address of the foundation I'm super excited to see how this app Pioneers this new age of social media so then you can just see how to get invited so yeah that's basically the idea um I hope that's helpful

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