BlueSky social - quick & easy overview

so here is just a quick overview of Blue Sky social it's as you can see it's kind of in the top charts of social networking it was a more like top 30 apps but it's in private data it's pretty hard to get in there are like around 3 000 people on the app [Music] um and that's what it is it's founded by Jack Dorsey who is obviously co-founder of Twitter it's getting a lot of hype in Tech media and the all hype is biased around the new wave of decentralized social media apps which are trying to to be opposite to what is Twitter or what is Facebook which I like centralized companies and these apps are just they want to be just like as protocols so blue sky social is based on it protocol which is their own protocol and basically I understand Blue Sky app is basically like a front end where like all the backend is on this protocol and for example you can tag your followers your posts your content if you don't like this app and then you can just move to another protocol or something like that and you won't lose anything if you're abandoned on this app so that's kind of one of the big advantages of decentralized social in the future but here is just like very first version it's very minimalistic you can just browse through the feed you can post text and images you can like the retweets someone you can see the whole feed you can follow someone um then there is notifications then there is your profile you can edit your profile just add Avatar the description then there are additional settings you can delete your account you can change your handle or you can add the handle with your own domain which is a cool feature and yeah just dark mode and that's basically it so it's like very simple version of features there are no videos no gives there are no audio spaces or you know like communities like all groups all of that no it's just like a feed of tweets or I don't know how they call here in this app but yeah I think there are like up to 5000 people write down this app um so that's what it is um so yeah give it a try maybe it will grow into something big

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