Bonus BeReals can now be saved to memories - let’s check if it works

Recently, a new feature has been added to the popular social media app - BeReal. The feature allows users to save their Bonus BeReals to memories. This is quite exciting for all the social media enthusiasts out there who love to document their lives and share them with their followers. In this article, we are going to explore this new feature and see if it works as intended.

To test the feature, we asked B-Real to create a Bonus BeReal and save it to his memories. B-Real started by tapping on the plus icon and selecting the Bonus B-Real option. He then recorded his Bonus BeReal and added it to his post. Once the post was complete, he checked his memories to see if the Bonus BeReal was saved.

To check his memories, B-Real tapped on the memories icon. Unfortunately, the Bonus BeReal did not appear in his memories section. However, B-Real was confident that the Bonus BeReal should have been saved.

This new feature has the potential to make BeReal even more enjoyable for its users. By allowing them to save their Bonus BeReals to memories, users can cherish those special moments and share them with their followers at a later time. It's a great way to look back and remember all those fun times.

In conclusion, the new feature on BeReal allowing Bonus BeReals to be saved to memories is exciting. Although it did not work for B-Real during our test, we are confident that the developers are working on it and it will be available to all users soon. We recommend everyone to give it a try and save their Bonus BeReals to memories and share those special moments with their followers.

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