Bookly app - Book tracker manager - how to use

Here's an interesting app called Bookly Book Tracker Manager. So just tap "get" to get it, double click to install it. Bookly is designed to help you track your reading in real time, manage your books, develop a reading habit, and monitor your progress over time. You can add books, ebooks, or audio books to your collections and use the timer feature to track your reading sessions. Bookly also provides access to awesome stats that can help you improve and read even more.

With Bookly, you can set goals and reminders to stay motivated, and receive weekly and monthly reports on your progress. The app goes beyond the classic five-star rating system, allowing you to add custom ratings such as inspiration, hard file, love, spice, humor, and many more.

The real-time tracking feature of Bookly allows you to log your reading progress and keep track of the books you've read and the characters you've encountered. This makes it one of the top book tracker apps available.

While using Bookly, you may come across a notification to upgrade to Bookly Pro. However, you have the option to skip it if you prefer. Bookly Pro offers additional features and can be accessed with a monthly subscription of $5 or a six-month subscription for $20.

When using the app, you can create an account and invite friends or family to join you. Adding books is a simple process - you can either add them manually, scan the ISBN code, or search online. By searching for the author, for example, you can quickly find and add books to your collection.

Bookly also includes additional features such as the ability to add a countdown, listen to sounds of rain, add quotes, and even track specific characters within a book. All of these features aim to enhance your reading experience and keep you engaged.

To help you maintain your reading habit, Bookly allows you to set daily reading goals. For example, you can challenge yourself to read for at least 20 minutes each day. The app also tracks your reading streak, rewarding you for consistent reading habits.

With Bookly, you can monitor your reading statistics, set goals, access your personal assistant, explore the store, and manage your book collection in the "My Books" section. The app offers a comprehensive suite of features to support your reading journey.

In conclusion, Bookly Book Tracker Manager is an impressive app that motivates you to read more, tracks your progress, and provides useful insights on your reading habits. If you're looking to enhance your reading experience and stay motivated, give Bookly a try.

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