Bookmory app - reading tracker - how to use

Bookmory App - Reading Tracker: How to Use

If you're an avid reader looking to enhance your reading experience and keep track of your progress, the Bookmory Reading Tracker app is just what you need. This app is designed to help you stay motivated, take notes, share your thoughts, and ultimately get more satisfaction out of your reading journey.

How to Get Started

  1. Add a book: Start by logging the books you're currently reading or plan to read in the future. You can also add books to your reading list for later.
  2. Create a book calendar: Keep track of your reading progress by setting up a book calendar. This feature allows you to visualize your reading habits and stay organized.
  3. View daily statistics: Bookmory provides you with insightful daily statistics about your reading progress. This information can help you analyze and improve your reading habits.
  4. Post books: Share your favorite books or the ones you're currently reading with your friends and fellow book lovers. Connect with others who have similar reading interests and engage in book discussions.

Using Bookmory's Features

  1. Add a book by search: Easily search for a book using the app's built-in search function. Enter the book's title or author, and Bookmory will provide you with a list of matching results. Select the book you're looking for and add it to your reading list.
  2. Book details: Provide the necessary details about the book you're adding, such as the book type, publication year, ISBN code, whether it's an audiobook, number of pages, and your reading status. These details will help you keep track of your progress and easily find the book in the future.
  3. Hashtags: Organize your books using hashtags. Add relevant keywords or tags to each book, making it easier to search for specific genres or themes later on.
  4. Start reading: Once you've added a book to your reading list, you can start reading it. Bookmory allows you to set a countdown timer to track the time you spend reading each book. Additionally, you can track how many days you've been reading the book.
  5. Add notes: Bookmory is not just a reading tracker but also a note-taking app. Add notes to each book, either by typing them manually or by using the text from camera or text from photo features. This enables you to capture important quotes, thoughts, or ideas as you read.
  6. Achievements: Bookmory turns your completed books into achievements. As you finish reading books, they are registered as achievements in the app, giving you a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep reading.

Additional Settings and Features

  1. Book settings: Customize your reading experience by adjusting book settings. These settings include font size, background color, and reading mode preferences.
  2. Note settings: Personalize your note-taking experience by modifying note settings. Choose your preferred font style, color, and text size for better readability.
  3. Other settings: Explore various other app settings to further personalize your experience and make Bookmory work according to your preferences.

Bookmory - a Free and Easy-to-Use App

Bookmory is a highly regarded app in the top charts. It offers a user-friendly interface and is free to download and use. Whether you're a casual reader or a book enthusiast, Bookmory is a must-try app that will enhance your reading journey.

Give Bookmory a try today and experience the joy of tracking your reading progress, connecting with fellow readers, and gaining valuable insights into your reading habits. Happy reading!

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