Bose Music app - how to set it up?

hello so here is Boss music app uh so yeah if you just open it up uh you can sign in or create an account so that's basically how you create an account and I usually just do it with Apple ID so you can create an account with uh Apple ID and then you can just select country region so for example you can just do that and then just accept privacy policy in terms of use and there you have it now your speaker is created so yeah cool and then now you can set up a new product so if you want to set up something like headphones and of course you need to enable Bluetooth and yeah just also I guess enable and pirate mode on the on the device you want to set up with and then also if you want to set up something like speakers you need to have local network access and then yeah you can just set it up like this so yeah there you have it that's basically the idea yeah and then you just need to find the product nearby and set it up I don't have any at this moment but that's what it is

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