BOSS REVOLUTION CALLING APP - how to use? Quick overview

here's Boss Revolution calling app it's one of the apps from from this brand and this is the app for cheap international calls and it's quite popular app uh constantly in the top chart of the Us app store and then you can save some money on high quality international calls to family and friends with this app uh there are a lot of customers you can top up you can enjoy promotions you can chat you can follow and yeah here is just the app and then you can just you know write any any country so for example and then you can just try to call and then if you're just trying to call it says low funds for example and then you can just add funds and just add amount with your card so that's how you do it super simple then you can also see international rates so for example 15 cents per minute and then you can see how rates are calculated uh paid call Priority so yeah in case you you need to call on a cell or a number and you can't use obviously messenger or some other apps or you're just doing like free Wi-Fi calls just use this app I think seems it's one of the like most popular apps here then you can just invite friends uh I don't know if there is some referral program or there are some points if you are getting here but here you have it if you want to recharge just recharge uh yeah that's basically it's super straightforward app you can see all your contacts your contacts are synced from your uh iPhone and then you can also start a group uh um and yeah so that's that's an overview um hope that's helpful

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