BothWho app overview

hello so quick overview of boss who app so let's just try to install it it's in the top yard in social networking category 223 megabytes that's the size and here you can see uh yeah basically i think the app is about live streaming uh and then you can just chat with all these live streamers in the description it says there are hundreds of talented live streamers passionate dancers and singers eaters and comedians waiting to bring you amazing life programming on boss who so you can publish your own moments and watch the hottest premium content as i say we will review the reports in real time filtering and blocking the you the users who violate the rules in order to provide the high quality chat environment we are willing to sacrifice a number of users uh so some people reply it's a good app to make more friends but the average review is just three point one out of five it brings some suspicion yeah because a lot of these apps are pretty much like scammy yeah so just be careful but we'll take a look in case in case you're just like interested so let's just open it up and then it's standard i can just sign in with apple then you can just add your birthday you can add your nickname then you have there you have it then you just signed up and that's the account so there you can see it so you can just swipe you can see recommended live streams yeah second sites it doesn't look at that it's actually a super high quality app but yeah there it is it's still in top charts your account then you can just chat these people you can see all these live streams you can see streams in the in your country you can see the discover option you can see people around the globe [Music] all of that so yeah then there are settings you have your account so here it is think it it should be possible to delete your account and data if you're not happy so that's where you can do it so then you see here like you can invite friends you can see recently watched lives you can see level privileges you can see vip here so you can see one month for 9.99 three months six months twelve months um to your account so yeah this app is quite similar to other real time video chat apps so that's that's what it is uh hope this quick overview was helpful

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