BrandConnect in YouTube Studio mobile app - how to use

BrandConnect in YouTube Studio mobile app - how to use

If you're a creator on YouTube and looking for additional ways to earn revenue, you'll be pleased to know that YouTube has introduced a new feature called BrandConnect. In this article, we'll provide a quick overview of how to find and use BrandConnect on the YouTube Studio mobile app.

To access BrandConnect, you'll need to open the YouTube Studio app on your mobile device. It's important to note that this is a separate app from the regular YouTube mobile app. Once you're in the YouTube Studio app, navigate to the Earn tab. Within this tab, you'll find a new option called BrandConnect.

Please be aware that while you can browse and view offers from the YouTube Studio mobile app, the set-up for BrandConnect must be done through your desktop browser. You'll need to access your YouTube Studio account on a desktop to set up BrandConnect and sign the necessary agreement. Once you've completed this step, you'll be able to see and manage your campaigns through the mobile app.

Within the BrandConnect section of the YouTube Studio mobile app, you'll find an overview of what BrandConnect is all about. This feature acts as a one-stop shop for top brands to directly collaborate with creators on YouTube. The platform matches brands with creators based on factors such as subscriber count, content type, and demographics to ensure a relevant audience.

Once you receive an offer in YouTube Studio, the decision to show interest and negotiate a deal is entirely up to you. This gives creators the opportunity to generate additional revenue through brand collaborations. For creators with large channels, brand deals can often account for a significant portion of their earnings, potentially surpassing revenue from YouTube monetization in some cases.

What makes BrandConnect particularly appealing is that it eliminates the need for creators to engage with outside agencies for brand partnerships. Instead, creators can create an appealing slide deck overview of their audience directly within the platform and make it available to brands. Brands can then reach out to creators based on their statistics and the unique audience they've cultivated.

However, there are some eligibility requirements to participate in BrandConnect. You must be at least 18 years old, based in either the United States or India, and already a member of the YouTube Partner Program. Additionally, having no active community guidelines strikes and adhering to YouTube's monetization policies is necessary.

In conclusion, BrandConnect in the YouTube Studio mobile app offers creators an exciting opportunity to connect with top brands for meaningful collaborations. While the feature allows for browsing offers and managing campaigns, it is important to note that the initial set-up must be done through a desktop browser. If you meet the eligibility requirements, consider exploring BrandConnect as a way to enhance your earning potential on YouTube.

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