Bright - Crush your Card Debt - how to install on iPhone?

here's an app called bright crush your card tab so let's just install it and see how it works so this is a balanced transfer build for you it's a super app for crashing credit card that starts with low interest line of credit non-credit checks is required instant approvals use it to pay off high interest cards today qualify for up to 8K earn more every month pay off high interest cards lock in the low APR you deserve earn more credit every month and then you can just open it up and then you can just continue and here's just like the onboarding process for this app right Credit Credit Builder financial plan smart assistant 24 7 life support um yeah and then you just can proceed with starting with right in your mobile number just like as a test to see and then you can just set up your PIN code and in the top part you have like also the support chat and that's basically how you get started

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