hello everyone so here is interesting app which is called brigade get 250 dollars cash advance um so this app is kind of like you know really fast small credit app so just in case like you know you need 250 bucks or something you can just get get that delivered no credit check no interest backed by will smith kevin durant no deposit interesting credit history required uh avoid or drops in late payments save hundreds in fees x earn extra cash on the site improve your budgeting and all of that uh build your credit while saving car out of gas phone build you unexpected car repair rest easy known you always card and save hundreds in order for like payment fees annually so yeah then you can just instantly get like 250 dollars or maybe less or something like that and yeah so this is this can be super interesting app yeah and just to create an account uh let's just invalid phone number okay so obviously this app i think it works only in united states so for the sake of this demo i'll just demonstrate you like how it works i don't need plus one finally and then i just need to text code um then i just there was some captcha verification then i'll just go back to my phone app and hopefully receive a code so yeah just to see in this demo oops i'm sorry for that maybe my phone is a bit overloaded ah okay so basically that's the the process here is just you know just sign up create an account get receive that verification number uh and then you should be ready to go i guess not sure if you need to upload any additional stuff or anything so anyways that's basically the process nothing and then you just need to set up some pin for the sake of the demo there you have it uh what brings you here build my credit score uh get cash advanced you can still you need and then [Music] you need to [Music] get all of that set up you need to verify your account then you need to connect to bank to get financial tools and qualify for money you need to confirm that your account at least two months old i deposit money into this account i deposit more than fifteen hundred dollar per month and then you just need to connect your bank i guess only us banks will work here but let's just see uh yeah you will need to use blade to connect that so there is wells fargo chase you see all of these banks where you can just search for them uh yeah and then you just need to log in with your bank account here so then when you just select chase then you will be able to just continue select all accounts and then try to so yeah uh something like that after you connect your bank account you should be ready to go i don't have us bank account but something like that uh please update your browser why and then just enter your username password and just log in and all of that hope this is helpful

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