BTS is ON BY DEFAULT in BeReal… Can you change it in Settings?

So, in the BeReal app, there is a feature called BTS (Before Taking Selfie) that is enabled by default. This means that every time you take a new selfie, the app will automatically capture a few seconds before you actually take the picture. While some users find this feature interesting and appreciate the fact that it captures moments leading up to their selfie, others find it a bit annoying.

For those who don't want BTS enabled, there is an option to turn it off. However, the downside is that you will need to manually disable BTS every time you open the app. This repetitive task can be frustrating for some users, as they would prefer an option to change the default state of BTS.

On the other hand, some users enjoy the feature and would like to keep it on by default. They find it a creative way to add more context and storytelling to their selfies. By leaving BTS on, they can continuously capture moments leading up to each new selfie. However, they also acknowledge the inconvenience of having to toggle the switch every time they want to take a selfie without BTS.

Overall, the presence of BTS in BeReal has generated mixed reactions among users. While some appreciate the feature, others would prefer to have the option to easily change the default state of BTS in the settings of the app. Whether the developers will consider adding this customization feature remains to be seen, but it would certainly provide users with more control over their BeReal experience.

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