BTS on/off on BeReal - what is that?

BTS on/off on BeReal - what is that?

When you open up the B-Real app, you may have noticed a label badge in the top right corner that says "BTS on/off." What does that mean exactly? Well, it's actually a new feature called "Behind the Scenes" which allows you to record videos on BeReal.

With BTS on, you can simply start recording a video on BeReal with just a tap. It's as easy as that. But if you tap on "off," you can see how it works and explore more options.

The idea behind this feature is to give users the ability to capture moments and document their experiences in a more dynamic way. Instead of just taking photos, you can now record videos and bring your memories to life.

But what if you want to disable this feature or remove it after you've already taken a photo? Not to worry, you can simply tap "off" or remove BTS later. This gives you the flexibility to choose when and how you want to use this feature.

BeReal continues to innovate and introduce new features that enhance user experience. Behind the Scenes brings a new dimension to the app, allowing users to create richer content and share their stories in a more engaging way.

So the next time you open up BeReal and see the BTS on/off badge, you'll know exactly what it means. Take a moment to explore this new feature and start recording your behind-the-scenes moments on BeReal.

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