BUZ app how to delete an account?

here's an app called buzz buzz me now so how to delete your account here so just tap on your profile and top left then go to your account and from here you can just tap delete account delete in your account will delete your account info and profile photo delete your you from all Buzz groups delete your message history on this phone then you just need to tap and then just tap next so just be careful here I'm not sure if like uh deleting your account is recoverable in some apps like be real if you delete your account and just log in a bit after it's completely you will just restore your account but in some apps if you delete your account and data is this just gone so be careful when you are doing that but of course it's cool that this app has this feature in in their account uh so you don't need to reach out to support or anything like that just to delete your account so anyhow that's the idea uh hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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