Buz Buz me now app overview

hey everyone so here is this app called buzz buzz me now so what what is this app is about so it's climbing pretty high in the top charts in the US App Store and yeah as you can see here um bus is a simple and pure audio bias instant messaging tool solidly focusing on satisfying the most direct and essential communication needs between people with this bus you now don't need to unlock to hear the voice messages work and and can stand live push to talk message anywhere on your phone um so yeah for that you need to have at least iOS 16.1 to people and groups even when you're on lock screen or in another app uh so yeah the cool feature of this app they have this lock screen widget uh which is available after iOS 16 or 16.1 so you need to have pretty new iPhone or you can I think it should work starting from iPhone 8 so then yeah you can just have all of that available and and yeah then you can also send voice messages with friends while using other apps send real-time voice messages to multiple people groups reliable yeah okay uh so yeah let's just open the app you can easily create an account from anywhere just using your phone number and then yeah you can just easily add friends like that so you can just add them from your phone contacts you can change by the phone number uh yeah you can also then uh uh share to invite uh create new group so for example here I can just create new group from my friends and this is like audio messaging here um yeah we which you can try to use and then then you just have your account uh you can delete your account if you if you don't like the app easily so you can just go here you can log out then there is block list you can block people but yeah unfortunately I don't have any friends yet on this app so feel free to add me and then yeah then you can use this app is a lock screen widgets and then just send audio messages like walkie-talkie app derived from your lock screen just like short audio messages similar as you have in WhatsApp but in this app is just just all about that just like audio chats uh so uh that's basically the idea of the app um yeah so here you just have a support uh you can write them on app store if you like the app you can see all these things but it's not just a working document you open the buzz app your device becomes the free space where you can connect with your friends uh through multiple real-time channels enjoy the past time with your friends what is the push to talk background mod Buzz push to talk still works even when the app is in the background where your browsing social media listening to music you can still receive voice messages from your friends how to use push the dock on lock screen when you're locked your phone bus continues to receive and play audio from your friends for Apple users upgrade to iOS 16.1 to use the push to talk feature on lock screen and then uh yeah you can also set up widget they have both videos for the lock screen or for the home screen so here you can just tap and hold and then you can see this is jiggling and then you can just search for Buzz and just add like a bus widget right to your home screen but uh yeah um you that's not your lock screen so to access lock screen you need to have IOS 16 and then you can just add it there uh so yeah that's basically the idea of the app um I'll try to create another overview when I have a bit more friends but just this video just to bring your attention that this kind of app exists and I think it's growing in charge because of this like lock screen we just functionality where you can send voice messages to each other just to use the lock screen and yeah a lot of people like this feature from Apple because um yeah you don't need to open your phone all the time and that's uh pretty convenient

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