Buz Unfiltered - Buz app - what is it?

Buzz Unfiltered is a new feature introduced in the Buzz app that has been receiving a lot of attention lately. This feature allows users to view and accept challenges. To access Buzz Unfiltered, simply tap on the top right corner of the app.

Once inside Buzz Unfiltered, users are prompted to share their most memorable moments. For example, one might choose to record a response about eating sushi. After recording their answer, users have the option to trim the audio clip to perfection.

The challenge can then be shared with friends. Users are able to invite their friends to participate in the challenge by sending them a unique link. This link will direct friends to the challenge and allow them to share their own experiences.

Buzz Unfiltered bears a resemblance to a feature found in the Not Gonna Lie app (NGL). This feature in NGL allows for the asking of anonymous questions. Buzz Unfiltered, on the other hand, focuses on sharing memorable moments and challenges.

With its increasing popularity, Buzz Unfiltered has become a notable addition to the Buzz app. Users can now personalize their experiences by accepting challenges and sharing their most unforgettable moments with friends.

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