C.ai app - “Currently we are receiving more requests, than we are comfortable with” - can’t login…

Character AI app has recently faced challenges with an influx of user requests, leading to login difficulties for users. According to a video transcript, users have reported receiving a message prompting them to try again later due to the high volume of requests. Despite attempting to reload the page multiple times, users have encountered persistent login issues on both Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

The app seems to function better when accessed through the web browser at character.ai rather than through the dedicated app itself. The video suggests that upgrading to Character AI Plus may potentially offer faster access, though it remains uncertain. Users have also been advised to explore community access options or consider alternatives such as the Talking app due to the ongoing bugs and server capacity issues.

Here is a breakdown based on the video transcript:

  • Users have faced login difficulties due to high request volumes.
  • Reloading the page has not resolved the login issues.
  • The app appears buggy and has experienced ongoing issues for approximately six months.
  • Accessing the app via the web browser at character.ai seems to offer a more stable experience.
  • Consider exploring alternative apps such as Talking app if issues persist.

The challenges faced by Character AI app highlight the importance of maintaining server capacity and addressing bugs promptly to ensure a seamless user experience. As the app works to overcome these obstacles, users are encouraged to explore alternative options or utilize the web browser version for more reliable access.

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