C.ai app logged you out and you can’t login…

If you've found yourself logged out of the C.ai app and are experiencing difficulties logging back in or creating a new account, you're not alone. It appears that some users have encountered an issue where they are unable to access their accounts, leaving them frustrated and unable to use the app as intended. However, there may be a workaround that could help you regain access.

One viewer on YouTube suggested logging in via the web as a potential solution to this problem. Surprisingly, this workaround seems to have worked for several users who were previously unable to log in or create an account through the app. The steps are relatively simple: just navigate to the C.ai website and log in using your credentials. In most cases, this method has successfully resolved the issue.

Initially, some users attempted to log in via the web after experiencing difficulties on the app, only to encounter the same error message. However, by refreshing the page and making a second attempt, many individuals were able to successfully log in using the web interface. It's worth noting that while this method seems to work for web users, those attempting to use the iOS app may encounter further challenges.

Several users reported trying to reload the app multiple times to no avail. Even after repeated attempts, they were unable to log in or create an account through the iOS app. It is unclear why this issue seems to predominantly affect the app rather than the web interface. Nevertheless, if you're facing difficulties with the app, it may be worth exploring the web-based solution to regain access to your C.ai account.

Alternatively, upgrading to the C.ai Premium subscription, known as C.ai AI, could potentially bypass the waiting period and provide you with immediate access. While this may require a financial commitment, it is another option to consider if you are eager to start using the app again without any further delays.

Overall, if you find yourself locked out of the C.ai app and are unable to log in or create an account, attempting to access the app through the web interface might be a viable solution. Many users have reported success after using this method, which suggests that it could be a temporary workaround until the issue with the app is resolved. Additionally, upgrading to C.ai AI is another option to consider, particularly if you wish to skip the waiting period and enjoy uninterrupted usage.

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