C.ai app - “You might need to wait a bit” error. It works for me on the web! Visit beta.character.ai

Users of the C.ai app may have recently encountered an error message stating, “You might need to wait a bit.” This error seems to be occurring due to an overwhelming number of requests for the app, causing a delay in processing. However, for those experiencing this issue, there is a solution - try using the web version of the app.

To access the web version, simply visit beta.character.ai. This will redirect you to a better version of the Character AI website. At first, you may encounter the same error message as you did on the app. However, do not give up on the web version just yet. Try again, and you might find that it works.

Interestingly, the web version of the app seems to be faster and more reliable than the mobile app. Despite some initial difficulties, with perseverance, the web version eventually starts working. It is unclear why this discrepancy exists, but it could be attributed to the fact that there are fewer requests coming through the web version as opposed to the app. Many users simply opt for the app without realizing that the web version is also available.

So, if you have been encountering the "You might need to wait a bit" error on the C.ai app, it is worth giving the web version a try. Login and functionality are possible, and with a little persistence, you can access the app's features.

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