C.ai “Sorry we are down for maintenance right now” - can’t use the app for hours

Users of the C.ai app were met with a frustrating message recently stating, "Sorry, we are down for maintenance right now." This unexpected and extended downtime left many unable to access the app for several hours.

A Reddit user shared their experience, expressing confusion as they couldn't find any sign-up or login buttons on the Character AI screen. They were already signed in but could only see the maintenance notice. They decided to visit the C.ai subreddit and discovered an announcement explaining that the company was upgrading their back-end system over the coming weeks. During this period, users should expect intermittent maintenance and potential service disruptions.

Several users on Reddit expressed their bewilderment and frustration at the app and website being inaccessible. With no official support channels available, users were left to commiserate and share memes while they patiently waited for the app and website to become operational again.

It appears that C.ai may have prematurely released the app to the public, as it was originally in beta. The surge in users overwhelmed their servers, leading to the need for server upgrades in real-time production. Unfortunately, these upgrades are estimated to take a few weeks to complete.

For those hoping to try out the C.ai app, it is recommended to wait until the upgrades are finished. Attempting to access the app during this period of maintenance will likely result in continued frustration and disappointment. The company is diligently working to improve server capacity and ensure a smoother user experience for the millions of eager users awaiting access.

Whether it's tomorrow, a few days, or even a few weeks from now, giving the C.ai app a go when all the necessary upgrades are completed will likely provide a more stable and satisfying user experience. In the meantime, users can keep an eye on the C.ai subreddit for updates and join in the communal support and humor shared among those affected by the recent downtime.

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