Calculate84 - app overview

here's the interesting app is called calculate 84. intended to use this TI-84 and yet there you have it it's like pretty advanced calculator fast touch enabled graphene useful in-line error messages ready wherever and one hour so yeah modern graphing calculator on iPhone fast interactive touchscreen graphene everything is very expected to be intelligent error messages um so we made our own graphing calculator uh and yeah I think it's like pretty Advanced apps and top apps if you if you need this this kind of solutions to calculate things and yeah so then you have it here and then yeah try out Pro for three days we just wanted you to try it out once the trial is all will automatically switch you back to the free version it's pretty cool so I automatically upgraded to the pro version I didn't create an account didn't enter any of my details so then I can just try out here you just have settings you can select screen and keep bad you can select color scheme Dark theme you can select all this graphing the yeah settings you can all of that and then yeah of course this app is it's not for like simple equations um uh yeah it's just if you're using some Advanced Mass uh you can you can do it in this app and it's like pretty powerful so you can see your iPhone likes really becomes a powerful calculator I'm not doing an advanced math at the moment but here you can just see yeah how it looks like and yeah the options you have here it's pretty cool um yeah like if you're doing a lot of mass like it's super handy to have this this calculator available and yeah it's just better to have it with your phone so that's what I can say like you know if of course I'm not like an expert here just wanted to bring your attention to this app it's pretty cheap but like super powerful um you can see all of these settings here uh yeah so just check it out definitely I think it's one of the top apps

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