CALLS in - tutorial

In the latest update of the app, a new feature has been introduced called Character Calls. This feature allows users to engage in live conversations with AI characters, simulating phone conversations with real people. Whether it's a serious discussion or casual chat, the nature of the conversation is entirely up to the user.

To access the Character Calls feature, simply open the app and navigate to the Characters section. From there, users can initiate a call with the AI characters. During the call, users have the ability to mute, interrupt, switch voices, and even chat via text if preferred.

While the voices generated by the AI are not yet indistinguishable from real human voices, the technology is making significant advancements in mimicking natural speech patterns. Users have the option to create custom voices by pressing and holding to switch between different voice options.

Key features of Character Calls in

  • Live conversations with AI characters
  • Ability to mute, interrupt, and switch voices during calls
  • Option to chat via text while on a call
  • Customize voices by creating your own character voice

The new Character Calls feature is currently available in the free version of the app, allowing users to experience this innovative technology firsthand. Feel free to explore the feature and interact with AI characters in a whole new way.

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