CameraMath Homework Help app overview

hey everyone so here's interesting app which is called camera Mass uh homework help so let's just install it and see how it works there are a bunch of apps which help you to solve any Mass problems there are apps which are just focusing on maths there are apps focusing on all other subjects which are helping with your homework or studies and yeah just I would recommend you really just to try out all of these apps and figure out what's the best app for you in terms of like easiness of use in terms of budget so here is just a quick tutorial for you so here's the app uh you can see there's like three day free trial then 89.99 per year uh cancel anytime so yeah in my experience I can just tell yeah it's pretty on the high-end pricing so it's a bit more expensive than other apps um and then uh yeah you can just easily see it here uh there are other apps where you can get it cheaper I would say there are apps which are worth like 30 40 dollars per year and there are apps where you can get some of these solutions for free or you can just refer friends and get some free coins and just solve your homework like that but yeah some people just like this app um so yeah um so here you can just upgrade or continuous limited version there is a limited version as well uh you can also upgrade later and then you can just give access to camera and then uh then you can just write here what was the reason to skip the trial but whatever I just want to try out this app first and then see it like that so here I can just easily crop that problem and then I just want to try to solve it and there you have it this is how it looks like I can just show the steps and there you have it so yeah it's pretty interesting you can see some additional explanations it's like yeah super nice design easy to use instantly I got in I was a bit pushed with this trial a lot here you still have that offer so if you're trying to sign up for the app you can get some discount later but it's like limited discount then you can just ask these tutors of course then you can't do it without the premiere subscription uh then there is like a calculator which is a cool feature of this app some of other apps don't have that and it's pretty uh convenient if you're trying to solve math problems obviously that you have this calculator available then there are more options here um you don't even need to create an account and then you have all of these settings you have your history you can share it with friends and I'm just curious if whether they have some kind of referral program where you know you can refer friends and earn some like coins or something for free so you can so you can uh yeah get some free Solutions but since it's not the case here so yeah basically I think you can you can solve these questions for free but then if you want to have more advanced unlimited answers step-by-step Advanced solution no ads and access to experts you will need to upgrade and there you have it so this is a better price here uh it's more reasonable so try out uh free premium at least and then uh you can decide if you want to use this app later

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