Can someone else verify your World ID in World app?

Hey, so can someone else verify your World ID in the World app? In case you live in a location where there are no orbs, here's a breakdown of the process based on the provided video transcript:

  • It might be possible for someone else to verify your orb or account.
  • The person verifying won't be able to use their account for verification, as orb verification is based on biometrics.
  • One person can't have two World Coin accounts due to the nature of the biometric verification process (eyes and fingertips).
  • Once a person verifies an account with their biometrics, they can't verify another account using the same biometric data.
  • In such cases, it may not be possible for another person to have their own World Coin account.

If you want to enable someone from a location with orbs, like New York, to verify your account:

  • You can grant them access to your app for biometric verification purposes.
  • However, they won't be able to create a second account using the same biometric data.

Note that trying to work around these restrictions may lead to your app being restricted or disabled, as World Coin may have strict policies regarding such activities.

In conclusion, it's advisable to consider traveling to a location with orbs and verifying your World ID yourself to avoid any potential issues with account verification.

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